Rabia's Official Diary
04 January 2010

first day kerja di tmpat yang kedua selepas Cosway Sdn Bhd  .

n NOW, my heart said that i will not resign again after I had bad experience at Cosway .

for next 3 month, i promise myself to make myself comfortable with the new situation .

for information , the new place was so very nice and not too much to do .

althought, the job is same. .

even the salary was not high as Cosway gave . but now i really dont care about the salary or tired or whatelse.

what is important is COMFORTABLE .

yeahh !

i want the comfortable situation .

its more important than else .

hello eveyone. this is my diary . sorry for no longer update the blog , too much busy with her life in university . No ripping, spamming, bitching, copying or what so ever that forbidden in my blog. I ban you if I see you copying or stealing anything from here.If you claim this thing on your own.tell me nicely.I won't bite even though I have fangs :)
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Entri lepas lepas

sebuah Janji – Fase 13 (OST Kamelia Katrina)
last day before 2010
so sweet
time to melayan perasaan
menyesal takk sudaahhh !
finally free from work pressure
over the timee . . .