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minat baru :) harap-harap nya lah .
14 June 2010

semenjak dah takde keje ni , aku suka sangat atau lebih interested nk cari more info tentang course yang aku nak amik .

tak tahu kenapa .

tapi , suka sangat . haha .

Program Structure
This programme is designed to train students for a career in the public and private
Career Opportunities
Graduates can join the civil service as category B executives or seek positions in the
private sector. They may hold posts in public agencies, banking, administration,
personnel, public relations, etc. They may also pursue a further degree in business,
administration, economics, law.
The programme is recognized by the Public Services Department for public sector
employment. Graduates are also given exemptions/credit transfers for entry into local
and foreign universities.

aku harap , bila lepas dah graduate nanti , aku nak apply dalam BACHELOR OF ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE.
atau ijazah sarjana muda sains pentadbiran . harap-harapnya lah kan .

and bila dah habis belajar , aku nak bekerja dalam bidang HR Officers atau pegawai sumber manusia . hahaha  . macam best jep aku tgk . 

moga allah berkati usaha ku ini . amin ! 

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Entri lepas lepas

kegilaan muda mudi sekarang :)
preparation as i'm DPA student .
info :)
new life :)
new life
NEPAL and BANGLA marii !!
new oppurtunity :)
it is supposed to be a lucky day :(
dilema .
punah segala harapan .