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..if i be a rich woman..
09 September 2009

tmpat ni . .antara salah satu yang aku ingin sekali pergi melawati...
kalau lah aku ada banyak fuit arn..haha...
ingin sekali ada kediaman seperti ini,..
Hotel Everland is created by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann. The hotel has only one room including a bathroom, a king-size bed and a lounge. The bounteous dimensioned room represents the subjective dream of a hotel: the architecture, the playful details, as well as the request to steal the golden embroidered bath towels.

The room is in Paris started from October 2007 until Spring 2009. The room can be booked for one night only, the mini-bar is fully stocked and included in the price, breakfast is delivered to the door and a record collection stands at ones disposal. Interested, the room costs EUR 333.

sorry entries pendek ari ni..
lacks of idea barangkali..
hello eveyone. this is my diary . sorry for no longer update the blog , too much busy with her life in university . No ripping, spamming, bitching, copying or what so ever that forbidden in my blog. I ban you if I see you copying or stealing anything from here.If you claim this thing on your own.tell me nicely.I won't bite even though I have fangs :)
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Entri lepas lepas

Jadual exam SPM...terjumpa benda alah ni masa adek...
unforgettable memories!
.i wish i can get this.
..Bagi yang blurr-blurr study sejarah..
Trial SPM
.benda buruk.
i'm in love
.untuk si dea.
.....30 perkara yg BELUM SEMPAT WANITA nak bagitau...