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07 September 2009

Jadual exam SPM...
terjumpa benda alah ni masa adek aku cari tips2 tok UPSR..
Dea tersangat lah panic apabila UPSR hanya menjelang 1 hari sahaj lago..
kepada budak-budak yang nak amek UPSR..wishing u good luck..
all the best! jawab btol-btol keyh!
           zoom la sendiri yerk..

kepada yang nervous-nervous uh..jangan panic! kalau korang panic..kat sini ada tips tok korang..
fes ly...

1. Focus on breathing
During a panic attack, your breathing often becomes shallow and rapid which only makes the panic attack worse. You can slow your breath down by breathing in to the count of 7 and out for the count of 11. This will help calm your body and make it easier for you to stop your panic attack. Slow down your breathing activity. Close the question paper and take 2 minutes to ease yourself.
2. Be aware of your thoughts
Notice what you’re think about. Chances are you’re very focused on whatever made you to feel anxious in the first place. Divert your thoughts instead on things pleasant and relaxing to you. While this may not be an easy technique to follow, with persistence and practice, this can be one of the most effective tips for panic attacks."Tell yourself this is just a test, life is more than this"  Do not over think and overstress yourself. If you cant answer the questions just move on to the next..
3. Talk to yourself
The mind is very open to suggestion, even during a panic attack. Repeat to yourself, "I’m safe. Nothing bad is really happening to me. Everything is going to be okay. " Just by giving yourself this positive self-talk you will be able to calm yourself enough to manage your panic attack more effectively. ."Tell yourself this is just a test, life is more than this"

credit to http://www.tipsexam.com/
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unforgettable memories!
.i wish i can get this.
..Bagi yang blurr-blurr study sejarah..
Trial SPM
.benda buruk.
i'm in love
.untuk si dea.
.....30 perkara yg BELUM SEMPAT WANITA nak bagitau...
.She Awesome.